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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Book Fun Friday Welcomes Mackenzie Lucas

The Month of Love

 We've fun this Valentine's month featuring some great authors along the way. I hope you enjoyed it.

Another bonus this month for me was the first of my first labor of book love: Dream Man, a contemporary romance part of The Executive Women in Love series published with Soul Mate Publishing.

Click on the Dream Man picture at the right of my blog for information about the book and pre-sale information. 

Now for today's guest author. Book Fun Friday is proud to present Mackenzie Lucas with her hot hot hot anthology book!

Author Bio:

Mackenzie Lucas writes sexy contemporary, paranormal, and erotic romance novels and novellas. No matter if her characters are wielding magic or not, they’re sure to face trials by fire, fight unspeakable villainy, and confront their own fears and flaws all in the pursuit of true love. When she’s not pursuing her writing career, Mackenzie can be found reading, because long before she was a writer, she was a voracious romance reader. Some things never change. 
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tom Smarch Photography

Mackenzie is represented by Macintosh & Otis Literary Agency. She holds a MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University and a BA in Literature from Dickinson College. She's president of Washington Romance Writers. And she's published with Soul Mate Publishing as well as Indie published. Some of her titles include: Essence, Courting Cinderella, To Have & To Hold, and From This Day Forward. The Dom of My Heart, an erotic romance novella will be released in Hot Encounters, an anthology by Soul Mate Publishing, on February 26, 2015, and Every Heart Sings, a single title contemporary romance, will be released by Soul Mate on March 4, 2015 and is available now for pre-order.


Title of Book: Hot Encounters anthology, Mackenzie Lucas’s erotic romance novella is The Dom of My Heart.

Log Line: Losing control never felt so right.

Book Blurb: Joely Cavanaugh learned a long time ago to stand up for herself, but when Gabriel Burnes, a true dominant who is powerful and sexy as hell, shows her kindness by hiring her after false accusations by her former boss, she can’t resist him. She agrees to work as his executive assistant to become an integral part of his revenge plot against the one man who has wronged her. Only when Gabe pushes her beyond all control does she realize that her heart is already totally his and that there are worse fates then submitting to a Dom.

“I didn’t do the things he says I did,” I whispered. I didn’t hold out much hope this powerful man would believe me, not after Ted had called him.
Gabriel Burnes didn’t turn around to face me. “What would you say, Miss Cavanaugh, if I told you I didn’t care one way or the other?”
“I’d say you were a liar, sir. All men care.”
“Touché.” He swiveled around slowly to face me. A corner of his mouth lifted in a quirk of a smile and his brow arched elegantly as he studied me.
I was sucker-punched by the absolute beauty of the man sitting in front of me. Dark hair, whiskey-gold eyes rimmed in vibrant green, and slight scruffy stubble shadowing his strong jaw and hollowed out cheeks. He cocked his head sideways, assessing me without saying a word, like he couldn’t quite figure out a complex puzzle. His lush rose-colored mouth pressed in a firm line. “Looks like you need a protector, Ms. Cavanaugh. And I’m just the man for the job. If there’s one thing I abhor, it’s bullying. And Ted Randall is a goddamned bully.”

Other Stories Featured in Hot Encounters:

Anastasia Tzar, A Chance Encounter: Fifty-five, a loveless marriage, and now a widow . . . Olivia Browning is ready for a change. A week in Palermo, Sicily to visit her best friend and college roommate is just the ticket she needs. But then she meets Stefano Minnelli and suddenly love, romance, and sex is as normal as a chilled glass of wine. After all, it is Sicily, he is a hot-blooded, handsome Italian and she is ready for A Chance Encounter.

Karen Rossi, Hot Romp At The Beach: Were Dave and Barbara attracted to each other just because they were nude, or would every magical thing have happened even if they'd been clothed?

Alexa Night, Perfectly Imperfect: Gerry Andrews always keeps herself under control, until she sees him and her lust takes over. When she begins her new position at the local hospital, she meets the resident heartbreak, Dr. Caleb Eros, and despite being warned about his philandering ways she wants him. Bad.

Where in the World is Mackenzie Lucas?:


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  1. Thank you for sharing your Hot excerpt Mackenzie. What a perfect way to wrap up our Month of Love!