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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Enjoy the Simplicity of Nature

Do you ever observe nature? The way the ducks paddle in the pond or the bird eats seeds from the feeder. Ever notice how the creatures of nature make the best of what they have to their avail?

Observe the miracles around you. In the attached photos, you will see my sunflowers. This year, in July, I got a single sunflower stalker that grew over seven foot high and yielded over forty-eight sunflowers. I dried out the sunflower seeds and replanted them; they are growing again but none nearly as tall. However, for a good time this past summer I enjoyed the magnificence of the flowers that single stalk brought.

As humans I think we take too much for granted and have a never-ending thirst for more instead of just simply appreciating the here, the now, and celebrating what we already have.
Think of how much peace and contentment you could achieve by simply being in the space between thoughts of yesterday and thoughts of tomorrow. Instead of thinking about where we are going think about, for just one second, where we are. I think the best way to achieve this is to sit in your Adirondack or lawn chair, a glider, or on a blanket and plop down somewhere in your backyard, in a park, on a preserve, and force yourself to simply watch what's going on.

Last week I saw a deer grazing on the side my house. This is a rare sighting here in suburban Florida. However, I saw it nevertheless. It took a few seconds for me to process what I was seeing and take in his full set of antlers and large size. This amazing moment was stopped by a noise I, which startled him, and then his little huffs took him away, into the preserves to a place where I might never see him again. The point is...I saw him.

Katherine Hepburn is quoted as saying, "I don't think about what I missed, I think about what I had.” And so why would we then miss what we had when we had it? Or, better, why not embrace every moment you can and fully relish in it?

I’m relishing in this post that I'm writing. I'm not thinking about what the critics will say, if anyone else would care to join my blog, if I made a grammatical error, if my writer friends will think it added little value....oh, but then I am thinking of those things because didn't I just write it?

Five seconds prior to these disconcerting thoughts, I was enjoying the sound of the new age playing in the background, the bright white bird of paradise blossom outside my window and the sound of a blue jay calling in the distance.

Please, join me, in the fascination of the peace and joy you have with you, right now, around you as simply expressed in the example of natures finest.


Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Get-Away However Far or Near is the Cure

View of the Bay from the Cabins
The Cabins

If you ever feel down or futile I submit to you there are two sure fired solutions. One is to sleep it off. A good eight to twelve hours of sleep would do the trick. Listen to a bedtime motivation tape like the Universal Mind, my favorite. And if that doesn't work, get into a car, boat, plan, train, on a bike or any other mode of transportation and get out of town.

This past week we went to New Smyrna Beach. Actually we went to Mosquito Bay fishing camp. I was rather miserable my first day there. We went with my fiance's parents, with whom I truly love, but I was a little aggravated because I had received a series of five rejections in a row from requested writing conference sources and they were all form rejections with no real reason other than, you've heard it before, not for me, doesn't have a hook, etc. etc. And my multiple published writer friends, some of whom, like myself, have "retired" from the corporate, world affirm to me that even after having published many books this job continues to pull the blood, tears, sweat and every ounce of energy from them to get each word and scene right.

So some retirement huh?

Any way, I am NOT a fishing enthusiast and my fiance so I thought I'd be bored. And my poor fiance and his father didn't catch anything. But the views off our cottages were wonderful. And we took a short ride to downtown New Smyrna and Flagler Street which has adorable shops, eateries and a really cool beach where cars can drive on it at ten MPH. Food and drinks can be purchased right on the beach. The beach has thin, soft white sand and the ocean is always beautiful -- no matter where you view it. But the town has a northeast beach feel to it. I intend to come back.

All tolled, it was a nice get-away and I'm grateful to taken the trip. I hope you too will lift yourself out of your writing hole once in a while and take a trip to somewhere different.

Ciao for now!