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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hard-Boiled Horrors: Two, Two, Two Genres in One, or, What a Long Stran...

Hard-Boiled Horrors: Two, Two, Two Genres in One, or, What a Long Stran...: I've been a reader as long as I can remember, which is getting uncomfortably close to half a century. I grew up in a house full of books, an...

It's interesting how we develop our interests. We must be in the same age group as I followed many of those shows and, yes, I too, postponed play for my favorite shows like Dark Shadows and The Gene London Show and was an avid reader of Poe, Shelley, Stoker, etc. Love the classics. I've joined your blog and will be following you. Feel free to drop by my blogs: and Comments are welcome! :)

Thoughts From the Camel: Staying Away From Jimmy

Thoughts From the Camel: Staying Away From Jimmy: As you may recall from two of my previous posts about language and word use, Writing Wrongs and Caring Less , I get annoyed very easily whe...

Friday, August 24, 2012


There is enough. Don't allow yourself to come from the energy of lack because there is more than enough for you. You are in the right time at the right place meeting the right people. In addition, if there's a struggle or if you’re getting resistance, then let it go, don't try to control it, for what you resists persists.

The above are samples of my daily affirmations. The mind is a funny thing. Think of thoughts as seeds. What you plant in your mind grows. So if you plants seeds of negativity, what will you produced?
However, we don't want to do that, do we? Therefore, we plant the seeds of promise, of dreams and then we fertilize and water them. Then they grow and depending of the quality of the care we give the garden in our brain, the growth will be beyond our wildest dreams.

You may ask the question: what if there isn't enough?

That leads us to the principle of prosperity. There is enough, that's just it. And what you convince your mind to believe, you believe.

In the book The Science of Success by Wallace D. Wattles, he author writes about the necessity to not be competitive about getting your dreams. That no one will beat you to the punch. If they beat you to the thing you've sought for, then another opportunity will open up for you ... the right one. It may be further down the line. Sometimes it may feel like it will never come.

But when you are in doubt you have to visualize your dream and imagine that it is formulating in the universe and will come to you in the right time. Meanwhile, be grateful for your vision, have faith in its purpose in your life.

There is enough prosperity in the world to bring about your dream.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Opposite of Fear

The opposite of fear is love. And most of us know fear, as an acronym, spells False Expectations Appearing Real. Yet how many of us are paralyzed by it? How many of us allow it to creep into our crawl and camp out for way too long? Heck, how many of us are simply afraid of it?

Maybe you're one of the lucky few who are fearless.

Or maybe you don't pay attention to it.

Maybe you're in denial that it has any play in your life.

Regardless of your specific relationship with fear, here's my little tip to zap it, the moment you feel it:

Acknowledge that it exists and understand why.
Are you afraid of the exam results, even though you know you studied very hard?
Is it of receiving yet another rejection slip for the umpteenth time from an agent or  publisher?
Or the boss coming down on you for missing a deadline?

Okay, so now you've acknowledged it, you know where it coming from the last step is to zap it!

Address the issue with love. Believe in mankind and the goodness of all motivation. Know that the teacher wants the student to pass, wants the good student to do well. The agent or publisher is looking for talent that's going to sell. The boss wants his employee happy and thereby productive.

So communicate the person that may be related to the situation via email, calling, visiting, whatever it takes, and communicate your concern with love knowing they have the best interests of all at heart. Lastly, let the cards fall where they may.

The right thing comes to you when it's time. Believe that and there's no more fear.


Ciao for now.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


It's been too long, way too long since I've written. In fact the sunflowers that grew under my bird feeder have been long gone and I wanted to write about them when they were there. You see, it was one of those things that I meant to do, you know about good intentions, but didn't get around to doing. Oh there was the excuse that I didn't know how to transfer the picture from my phone to the computer. Then that I was too busy working on my manuscript. Oh, yes, and too busy with my writing groups. Then there was vacation in between the excuses. Then there was the fact that  ... well, you get the picture.

Speaking of pictures:

The last one was a spawn of the big one. And there were lots of babies that kept sprouting up around the area. They bloomed and stopped growing. The area started  to look like weeds so I asked my lawn guys to clear it and they used, ah hem, herbicide ... now it's all brown. Oh well, maybe we'll get more. Regardless, it was a wonderful site and I wanted to share with you.

Ciao for now!