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Friday, September 21, 2012

What Are You Missing?

Nothing. That's right. Nothing. Everything in your life is there because it's supposed to be. The purpose of this week's blog is to demonstrate, at least in this writer's mind, a valuable lesson. I've heard it before. I've read it before. But, it never resonated as it did for me this week.

Something didn't go my way. The way I thought, I wanted it. However, did you ever want something so bad, yet realize it wasn't for you in the end?

For example, a relationship or job that really wasn't working out?

If the answer to that question is yes, for you, then I think this week's message will mean something. If not, then probably the rest of this piece won't serve you.

In short, everything works out the way it's supposed to be. God, the Universe, the Angelic Realm, Fate ... whatever you believe in, works hand-in-hand with your utmost desire. That which is in true affinity with your being, comes to you, when it's supposed to.

This isn't a bunch of new-agey nonsense. But, it has to resonate with you, for you own individual mind. Sometimes it means letting go of that project, that job, that course of study. And even if you tried as hard as you could to make it work, you have to stop resisting and let go.

That which you resist, persists.

So, if the job continues to haunt your dreams, if the investment continues to give poor returns, if the partner continues to disappoint you, what else can you do but change course and then trust the Universe to present the path you're supposed to take.

I'm not suggesting that you abandon ship the first time you hit a storm. But, trust your higher self, your spirit guide, your intuition, to lead you to take the correct course.

Look at nature for example. Take a scrap of untouched landscape, like the attached photo. Now observe that scrap of land. It changes with the seasons, with storms, with climate changes. However, one thing doesn't change: it. It remains. So, then do we. We change, but we still are and we continue throughout lifetimes. Why not, then, love ourselves for who we are and be joyful with what we already have?

As for me ...well, I'm still sticking to my story and I know it's going to be a hit! ... stay tuned on that one.
 As for today, I feel peace and happiness. That's all in the world one can expect. Joy in life is the ultimate goal. Today -grasp it.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Your Sanctuary

My desk, my sanctuary

Is there a place that is yours, just yours, where you can think, alone, and be in peace? This could be a place where you are free to dream, contemplate the upcoming day, work, meditate ... it's yours and yours alone. Wherever that place is, spend fifteen minutes in it, uninterrupted, preferably at the start of your day. There you can be in quiet reflection. Think of all the things you are grateful for, do your daily affirmations, plan your day or simply relax and enjoy a moment's peace.

The above is my sanctuary as well as my place of work. Many things I treasure including a fresh flower or two from my garden surrounds it.

I am a writer and I write in my sanctuary. It supports me with the things I treasure: my favorite books, my resource books, art and pictures.

Where is your sanctuary?