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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Is Your Furry or Feathered Friend Your Muse?

Mine is. A constant non-judging unconditionally loving grey-haired green-eyed cat I call Daron, aka Baby Boy. 

Our furry and/or feathered friends require very little of us. Fresh water, pet food and affection. All equally important to them. 

In a world, especially the writing world, but also business, medical, engineering, heck, probably every profession out there ... there’s so much competition for the Almighty Dollar, when we’re finally home with our pet we can take solace. 

A writer has one distinct advantage over the working force: we can create worlds that no one has dreamed of right there in our sanctuary and our writing room…with our pet alongside us.

Yet we must subject ourselves to high scrutiny, sometimes mean-spirited reviews and sometimes helpful, sometimes not, critiques ... with little or no pay. I frankly don't get why we, as writers, put up with so much.

However, no matter what our chosen professions is we have to look at our work with sheer pride. And know we did our very best. Our best may not be selected by the powers that be. But, then who gives them power? 

There's a place for each and every one of our works. There's a fan base for each and every one of us.

My hope is to inspire my fellow writers continue writing and the byproduct of that is, quite honestly, to continue myself.

Growing up I was amazed at my brother Sammy’s artwork. He slaved away at his various mediums of fantasy art. He dropped out of college, re-entered, dropped out again, had numerous jobs related and not related to the field of art. Yet, one thing was consistent: he never gave up on his artwork. 

 Today he is gainfully working as a full-time tattoo artist. Not bad. Especially since tattoos are so very much in vogue.

I snidely and rather ignorantly judged him as wasting his time while I toiled away at an accounting degree only to have experienced seven years of painful career agony. I then entered into what became a lucrative profession, for a while, but almost at the cost of my mental health.

 Now I'm proud to say that, like my dear-old brother Sammy, I too have joined the ranks of the artists.

 But I've digressed ... back to our faithful friends. 

 I'd love to know about yours. Either as a response to this blog or face book or twitter let me know. 
 Is your furry or feathered friend your muse? Yes or No?

I'll tally up the responses and let you know how many of you responded.

In addition, if you don't have a pet consider adopting one today! Your local humane society or animal shelter would love to see you!
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