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Monday, January 13, 2014

Daily Affirmations

Oftentimes a daily affirmation can help us to focus and stay on course. Now that we're in the New Year it'd probably be a good time to create some aspirations for yourself. Remember that in the New Age world  what you think about you bring about. In our instant gratification society, we are all too impatient expecting results when we want them rather than when they are ready to occur. If we can truly subscribe to the power of manifestation than we can relax, stop trying to control matters and let our dreams manifest.

So write down you favorite inspirational quotes or make up your own then recite them daily. I've put mine on index cards and carry them around with me everywhere. They are well worn cards, especially at the corners, but I won't part with them. I've been carrying some of them for ten years, left one career and started another, and literally whited out affirmations that applied to my former career --but kept the cards.

I tell you this. Everything I put on those cards came true, or nearly true and if they didn't I changed them. So for the naysayers you might retort, "Big deal. You can change them after you realize they won't come true." I truly believe that everything you want, deep in your heart, will come true. If it requires patience, work and self-belief then give those things to your goals. Are they worth it? Look at me. I'm a former hard core busineh6sswomen trying to be an artist. Ha! If that isn't a clear turnabout I don't know what is. But I love what I'm doing now. And if it leads me back to the corporate world out of sheer financial need so be it. Meanwhile I shan't give up my passion and neither should you!

Your affirmations can be as long or short as you want.

You can also adopt a few worded mantra and recite that repeatedly in your head.
In college my daily mantra was: strive, continue, succeed.
In a recent horoscope I found a new one: focus, achieve, conquer.

Which do you like and why? Cast your vote in a comment here.