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Friday, November 30, 2012

The Most Stressful and Miserable Time of Year?

However, does it have to be? Do we allow ourselves to succumb to stress and then negate the true meaning, the true joy that the Season has to offer?

Christmas parades, Nutcracker performances, holiday home tours, downtown Christmas tree lightings, etc. The problem is that there are more opportunities then there's time. There Beale's sales and 20% and 50% off on certain days, getting the right kind of tree – you get the picture.

Take a deep breath. Choose only the things you have time for and be satisfied with what you choose to do. Be happy with the time you have.

I start celebrating the holidays in November. Yeah, one of those types that can't wait to get the Halloween stuff down and goes directly into the next holiday. Then I fret about it all being over too fast before the season gets started. What good does that do?

Then there's the cards to get out, the out-of-town friends and relatives to consider. In addition, all the money you wind up spending well beyond your budget.

Again, pace yourself. Make a list of those dearest and ask them what they could truly use. You'll make a big hit. It’s better than just getting a store card.

Also, a personal touch is always nice and softer on the wallet. For example baking a batch of cookies, fudge brownies or inviting guests to a holiday party with a specialty holiday martini you design or copy from someone else.
 However, you choose to enjoy the Season, please enjoy them. Perform a daily ritual of mediation, yoga or some other relaxation exercise to keep your sanity. And please, please don’t stress out and get miserable. It only comes one time a year. So revel, safely, frugally and happily.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Nathan Bransford, Author: How to Write a Synopsis

Nathan Bransford, Author: How to Write a Synopsis: Much like my haircuts, this is a blog post that I have put off for quite a long time. How to write a synopsis. It's like my own personal kry...

This was a a really good and brief posting on compiling a book synopsis. Short and sweet!