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Friday, August 24, 2012


There is enough. Don't allow yourself to come from the energy of lack because there is more than enough for you. You are in the right time at the right place meeting the right people. In addition, if there's a struggle or if you’re getting resistance, then let it go, don't try to control it, for what you resists persists.

The above are samples of my daily affirmations. The mind is a funny thing. Think of thoughts as seeds. What you plant in your mind grows. So if you plants seeds of negativity, what will you produced?
However, we don't want to do that, do we? Therefore, we plant the seeds of promise, of dreams and then we fertilize and water them. Then they grow and depending of the quality of the care we give the garden in our brain, the growth will be beyond our wildest dreams.

You may ask the question: what if there isn't enough?

That leads us to the principle of prosperity. There is enough, that's just it. And what you convince your mind to believe, you believe.

In the book The Science of Success by Wallace D. Wattles, he author writes about the necessity to not be competitive about getting your dreams. That no one will beat you to the punch. If they beat you to the thing you've sought for, then another opportunity will open up for you ... the right one. It may be further down the line. Sometimes it may feel like it will never come.

But when you are in doubt you have to visualize your dream and imagine that it is formulating in the universe and will come to you in the right time. Meanwhile, be grateful for your vision, have faith in its purpose in your life.

There is enough prosperity in the world to bring about your dream.


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