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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Second Valentine's Weekend Special, A Contemporary Collection Featuring Tina Susedik

Weekend's Second Feature: a Soul Mate Collection
Featuring Tina Susedik 

Bio: Tina Susedik has seven history books and two children's books in print, as well a romantic mystery and several short stories in anthologies with Soul Mate Publishing.   She belongs to the Romance Writers of America and Wisconsin Romance Writers of America. Tina also writes erotic romance under the name Anita Kidesu for The Wild Rose Press.

Title of Book: "My Sexy Valentine"

Log Line: Finding Love in Unusual Places
Book Tag Line: "When a Valentine's Day proposal doesn't go the way she expected, librarian Janetta Simonson's life is changed in ways she’d never dreamed.”


 Featured Exerpt: 
                            The Ring
Country music blared and pounded through the bar and dance hall as couples two-stepped around the cavernous room. The band switched to a slow, belt-polishing tune.
Janetta Simonson smiled as women dressed in skimpy skirts with even skimpier tops, along with cowboy boots, clung to their men like flies to fly paper.
Valentine’s Day. A day for couples to show their love to each other—or so she’d heard. She didn't understand why they waited for this ‘special’ day. In her opinion, people should express their love for each other every day. She tapped her short, unpainted nails.
Where was he, anyway? A trickle of excitement ran through her. His calling to tell her to meet him here had been a surprise. She just knew this was going to be the big day, or night as the case may be. He may not be the man of her dreams, may not make her heart race and loins beg for his touch, but at the ripe age of twenty-eight, she wanted to be married and start a family. Fred was the only one to pay attention.
As hokey as it seemed, she’d always dreamed of a Valentine’s Day proposal. Except, instead of a honky-tonk bar, the man she loved took her to a fancy restaurant, got down on one knee, and voiced his undying love. Or he’d take her on a moonlit walk along a beach and pop the question under the stars, with the sound of the surf as a romantic backdrop.
A hand pressed on her shoulder. Finally. She rose and turned. At five foot nine, she stood tall enough she could see the top of Fred's scalp through his thinning hair. He hated exercise of any kind and loved food of all kinds, so a small paunch rode over a large, silver belt buckle. He twisted a cowboy hat around in his hands.

Question for you Dear Reader: What is your favorite Valentine memory?

Other Stories Featured in My Sexy Valentine Collection:

Cheryl Yeko:
Finding her fiancé in a clutch with the coat check girl sends Shelly straight into the arms of her Soul Mate.
Char Chaffin:
How hard can it be to stash three kids with an overnight babysitter, slip into something ridiculously decadent and skimpy, and do naughty things to each other by candlelight on Valentine’s Day?
Sex-deprived spouses Sam and Dell might be finding out pretty soon, and not in the way they’d hoped.
Sage Spelling
One night. No boundaries. Uninhibited passion.
Boycotting Valentine’s Day had been Piper’s preferred way of protecting her heart until she collided with bad boy-sexy-tattoo artist, Dex. Driven with lust, Piper has her first one-nightstand, but dreads morning and saying goodbye to the man who stirred her innermost desires.
Lynn Cahoon
As her home business grows, a specialty jam creator receives gifts from a secret admirer. When the news breaks, two men step up claiming to be the gifter. As the twelve days pass, can she figure out the clues and claim her Mr. Right?
S.C. Mitchell
When Thor’s son Magni, the new King of Asgaard, cancels Valentine’s day, Astrid knows something is drastically wrong. Can she make things right again and save the fertility festival?
Tina Susedik
"When a Valentine's Day proposal doesn't go the way she expected, librarian Janetta Simonson's life is changed in ways she’d never dreamed.”

How to Contact Tina:
Links: Amazon:
Twitter: @tinasusedik
Facebook: Tina Susedik, Authorbn                     

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  1. I have to say this very weekend. My fiance and I started out early, Thursday went to a motivational luncheon and stayed overnight at a local historic B & B. We brought gourmet appetizers, wine, pink roses from him, a bunch of balloons from me and had a wonderful time. The next day we went to the beach and he took me to dinner so we avoided the overcrowding. We were too tired to see "The Movie" so we braced the crowds yesterday afternoon and went to see 50 Shades of Grey. It was fabulous!