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Friday, February 20, 2015

The Day Has Arrived

Hello Dear Reader

The day has arrived, my first book is completed and now available for pre-order. Simply click on the picture at right of Dream Man.

Book Tag Line:

Felicity can’t seem to catch a break she runs her own reality show but doesn’t get the credit or the pay. She meets her long time idol and Hollywood’s famed bachelor and movie star and pitches her new reality show idea, which he likes and hooks her up with a national network but she wishes she could hook him in the process.

Book Blurb:

Felicity Burgess is no stranger to tough breaks in business and in love. And she deals with them very well on her own. She has no choice. Then her sister, a trouble-bound teen, lands in a hospital. While in the emergency waiting room, Felicity’s idol, Hollywood’s notorious confirmed bachelor, film star, and entrepreneur walks in: Maxwell Marx. Felicity pitches her new reality show to him. Little does she know her lifelong heartthrob would become her supervisor. Working closely with Max, she sees a side to him no one knows. She wants to break down the barriers and reveal the man Max truly is.
Max is happy with his carefree existence, much as the tabloids portray. He plays up to the role of the unattainable ladies’ man better than any script he agrees to take. The fa├žade works just fine until he meets Felicity, who wows him with her new reality TV show proposal. So much so, he convinces his network executive buddy to take on the project. But Felicity also taps into something deeper within him. A place he’s purposely protected. He enjoys Felicity’s company, and hopes to keep her at bay, yet she threatens to unravel his protective cocoon.
 Should he stay in his safe world of single living or risk losing the one girl who could complete his life?




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