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Friday, March 6, 2015

Book Fun Friday Welcomes Samanthya Wyatt

Welcome to March Madness at Book Fun Friday we'll be featuring plenty of fun Romantic Reads!

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Now we'll introduce Symantha!

Samanthya's Bio:
Like any other child I had dreams—be a singer, be a movie star—but the one thing that seemed to come natural was write. A few years ago I decided to pursue writing seriously. I pulled my story out of the closet and finished my historical, The Right One, the first of a trilogy, “One and Only Series”.

Book Title:  The True One, historical romance

Log Line:  Is pas­sion enough?  He must choose – her or revenge.

Book Tag Line:
His ship in splinters and his men captured, Stephen is a broken man. Yet the torture he received by his enemies is nothing compared to the torment he bears from an angel with lavender eyes.
Jennifer left England full of a young girl’s fantasies of romance and adventure. When she cares for a near death captain, memories emerge of the family she left behind. Will the passion they share be enough? He must choose – her or revenge.

Book Blurb:
Captain Stephen Radbourn accepts an intriguing proposition which results in horror. His ship in splinters and his men captured, he is a broken man. A band of rebels rescue their leader from a dungeon, taking the near dead captain with them. Fearing capture and thinking the tortured man will die, they leave Stephen in the care of a woman, who he believes is an angel of mercy. A man of passion, with a trail of satisfied maidens to prove it, he finds his heart captured by the lovely widow.
 Jennifer Faircloth departed England full of a young girl’s fantasies of romance and adventure. When a near death English captain is dropped at her door, memories emerge of the family she foolishly left behind. While caring for him, her curious imagination turns to an overwhelming awareness she cannot deny. He must flee for his life and he takes her with him—back to England—back to the family she’d deserted. She wants her family to forgive her, but she wants Stephen’s love even more.

Book Excerpt:
He was dead.
He had to be. For serenity enclosed him. Fresh air cloaked him. A cloud of softness wrapped him. Comfort would mean he’d gone to heaven, when he had been destined for hell. Slowly, Stephen became aware of soreness, then stinging, then blinding pain.
The lilting voice of an angel drew him to an unbelievable place of calm. The honeyed sound soothed his mind to a state of ease. Alleviating his anxiety. Diminishing his pain. The most enchanting dream he’d ever held.
 He opened his eyes with excruciating sluggishness. The first glimpse of light splintered his skull with a sharp stabbing. He slammed his eyes closed with a long groan.
A bed? He took a moment to grasp his surroundings. Unfamiliar hands. Gentle hands. He thought he’d felt movement at one time, dreamed he was in a wagon.
Slowly, and more cautious this time, he lifted one lid to a narrow slit. The swelling around his eye had gone down considerably. He glanced down to find a hand-sewn quilt, like the ones his mother made. Definitely a bed. Which also resembled his English heritage. Had he somehow been transported back to England?
He rolled his head against the pillow’s softness. Ignoring the pain in his skull, he turned his head to the right and saw the delicate creature in his dream. An angel of mercy, with dark hair falling about her shoulders. Long sweeping lashes brushed velvety cheeks. He wondered if she were a maid or the wife of some possessive husband. If she were his wife—perish the thought—he would never leave her alone in any room with a strange man, incapacitated or no. Especially not in close proximity of a bed.
And he was naked. Bare as a new baby’s bottom.

Question for YOU dear reader:

Leave your answer in the comment box of this post. 
How do you feel about sex scenes and how detailed do you like them to be?

I strive to make my intimate scenes beyond just doing the deed. My characters have depth, emotional investments, life-threatening challenges. The reader wants to be in the moment, feel what the characters feel—emotionally. I try to give this to my readers.
I love to hear from readers. 

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  1. I have a pretty high tolerance for the level of sex-detail, no detail is enough!