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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Book Fun Friday Welcomes D.R. Grady

Welcome to Book Fun Friday
And all things Halloween.
Here we are I can't believe The Season is finally upon us. I have some exciting varieties this grisly, scary in a fun way, month! Here are some upcoming book features:

Tena Stetler's A Demon's Witch
Katie O'Sulivan's A Ghosts Don't Lie
Claire Gems's Phantom Traces  

Today we have a paranormal gem. Let's give a big Book Fun Friday welcome to D.R. Grady:

Bio:  D.R. Grady lives with her husband near Hershey, PA. She adores chocolate, laughing, collecting bags, books, and shoes, and adores writing stories that resonate with others.

Book Title: The Dragon Chronicles Book 1: Learning
Coming soon! The Dragon Chronicles Book 2: Shifting

Book Tag Line: A carefree elf and a surly bear non-shifter have to unite to save the world.

Book Blurb: Peace has reigned for so long, most beings believe dragons are mere myths, including elf professor Dr. Lindy Veles. After meeting attractive Dr. Alex von Schreider—a surly professor from a bear shifter family who possesses plenty of paranormal power, yet can't shift—things start to spiral downward. Especially when he catches Lindy's strong shifter scent. Elves don’t normally shift. Alex finds the compelling elf’s denials suspicious. Lindy thinks he’s crazy to believe she’s a shifter.

As they delve into the ancient Dragon Chronicles, tomes about dragons, it quickly becomes clear their efforts are no mere academic exercise. Dragons are suddenly becoming all too real. When Lindy shifts into one, Alex discovers he’s meant to control her dragon—the most powerful creature on earth. The pair is caught in the middle of two raging battles . . . their own personal emotional war and the war to save their world.

With the clock ticking, Lindy and Alex must surrender their misconceptions about themselves and dragons, and unite to begin the fight for their very existence.

Book Excerpt:

Lindy’s heart beat harder now than the first time she walked into the dragon classroom. As she headed for the front, the students turned almost as one. Each of them hissed and spat, hurtful words echoing through the room.
“You lied to us—”
“You’re a dragon. Liar—you said you didn’t know anything about them—”
“Why didn’t you tell us what you are—”
“We won’t believe anything else you say, ever—”
Audrina shot out of her seat, pointing with an accusing finger. “You said you were an elf. But you’re a dragon.”
“You don’t belong here!” Kaera, timid little Kaera, actually shouted.
“Leave us, dragon.” Kevin’s bright red hair stood out against the sea of angry faces as Lindy turned to bolt from the room.
Where Alex was, she didn’t know as she ripped the door open and sprinted down the hall. As she passed, fellow teachers flung open their doors to hurtle more accusations and disgust at her—
Sobbing, Lindy sat straight up in bed. Tears streaked down her face; her heart beat too fast. Her nightgown clung to her back. Shaking, she managed to slide out of the bed without disturbing Ewain, sleeping on the trundle.
Careful not to step on him, she padded on silent feet to the bathroom where she splashed water on her face. The nightgown stuck damply, so she stripped out of it and washed the sweat away before donning another. Still, she shook and trembled from the nightmare.
My very fears right there, in color.

Question for YOU Dear Reader:  I love the huge selection of paranormals available. What is your favorite?

Contact D. R. Grady Here:
Twitter: @drgradybooks
Facebook Page: D.R. Grady
Google+:  D.R. Gradybooks


  1. What a delightful premise! Love paranormal novels with a lighter touch. I guess that makes me a "lightsider" as opposed to a "darksider." Best of luck with sales :)