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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tenth Day of Christmas -- Have you Baked Yet?

I, for one, am certainly not a baker. Never have been and baked goods are usually not on my diet. However, for the tenth day of Christmas I decided that it would be a great family event to bake together. Previously on the second day of Christmas posting (see below) I  put a blurb in about baking the traditional Italian pastry called pita piata ( I always thought it was pronounced bita biata, oh well). That was quite a venture!

I clipped a few recipes from contest winners in our local newspapers and decided upon the following cookies: mint chocolate, gingerbread and oatmeal. And we got a bottle of Bacardi Gold rum to add to our very own rum cake.

The kids will be over later and we'll start our baking. However, my other half is starting on the rum cake now.

Hope you enjoy your own baking. If you don't eat the cookies you can always put them out on your Christmas table.

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