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Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Gratitude - 12 Days of Christmas

My Christmas gift to you for the next tweleve days will be a short passage of inspiration in order spread Christmas cheer and joy.

I awoke this morning feeling a bit dismal and I won't depress you with the thoughts. What I will share is that gratitude will reverse almost any state of depression, discouragement or feeling of helplessness. Have you ever written a gratitude list?

Try it. You'll be surprised what comes of the exercise.

You discover all the things you take for granted. For example, consider your living situation. Depending on your age, circumstance or where you are in life, think about your living quarters. As a college student, for example, you may have started out in a bedroom in your parent’s house or a dormitory you shared with other students, and then you’re graduated with a degree and maybe an apartment bill. As you succeeded in your respective career, you may have married or remained single and purchased your own home, perhaps a condo or attached town home and then maybe upgraded to a single-family residence with a lawn, a driveway, a garage, etc. Get the picture?

So, now try this simple exercise and I promise you, you will feel better about your circumstances. Sit and write every negative notion or thought that repeatedly consumes your mind. Then re-read it. Re-read it again. Now ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is it true?
2. Is it true, beyond a doubt, beyond your control?
3. Do you really want to believe or subscribe to that thought?

If you’re lucky, you may observe that the written thoughts were not completely true, could go either way - in your mind - or are rather cynical and ridiculous.

Now you can replace that very thought with an opposite, more powerful positive affirmation. And .... See how your mood changes!

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