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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Not to Waste Time

I had another installment of my recurring nightmare last night. Well, the term nightmare might be an exaggeration, perhaps we can call it an annoy mare. One that can set your day in the wrong direction, only I didn't allow it to today!

The dream is about me going back to the mortgage industry, one is which I had an illustrious career of sixteen years all with the same Bank that went ca put along with the collapse of the housing market. In reality I knew it was over but despite what my intuition was telling me, I stayed in the field for two more years working with other outfits and experienced a tremendous amount of negativity and rejection. The role of a loan officer in today's economy was completely redefined and it wasn't pretty.

In reality I had planned to retire before the collapse hit - call it burnout. Regardless, on some level of my consciousness I couldn't accept that it was over for me until the reality that it was over slapped me in the face - literally.
I woke up, smelled the coffee that was life and quit.

Last night in my writer's chat room a comment was brought up that quiting is admitting to failure. I disagree. Leaving a profession is difficult for anyone but knowing when to leave is actually a success, in a sense.

Back to the dream. In the recurring dream I continue to re-enter my former profession with renewed vigor and earnest effort only to have it extinguished by the manager, client, customer or whoever it is in the dream. I guess that's the reason for the dream's re occurrence: on some mental levels I have not accepted the decision I made to leave the profession.

But I think the primary message in the dream is that I'm really uncertain about the profession I have now chosen to be in and that is writing.  So I'm now to face a whole new world of rejection and difficulty in the profession of writing. That perceived rejection is really the subject of today's posting.

It is accepted and often stated in the writing community that one can not expect to make a living or much of one from writing.

My response to this is: bull! Is there ever a day that goes by when you don't read something in print: a newspaper, a magazine, a blog, an on line article, product instructions or - yes by golly - a book? People write. People get paid to write. AND people should believe their writing is worthy of being paid!

Expect to be paid and you will!!

That's my shtick and I'm sticking to it!
 Ciao for now!

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