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Thursday, October 27, 2011


What does Halloween mean to you? And what will you be doing?

To me, besides it being just another holiday and a precursor to the Holiday season, Halloween is a fun time to be someone or something you're normally not. In costume we often can act out our fantasies, palyact a role we can't on a day-to-day basis or just be silly. This year I bought three wigs to wear on three different nights I braved the haunted houses at Busch Gardens Halloscream. Other then a few curious looks and compliments given by the security guards all I got out of it was an itchy head!

If you have kids Halloween probabaly has an altogether different definition. Like that you have to pick out a costume that isn't too expensive but cool enough so you're kid will fit in with the latest fad and their friends. Perhaps you'll walk your little ones around your neighborhood or someone else's (that's has better candy) on Halloween night. Then you'll go throught the bags of candies at the end of the night to make sure nothing "bad" is in there.

For those who don't have kids perhaps you'll attend a Halloween party where you can act out your own party rage and then, like the joke I heard about a needed Jaggermeister warning, you wonder to yourself' the next day while nursing a hangover "What the hell was I thinking?"
Or maybe you'll have a great date with a hot guy (or girl) that night, go to a random party and wake up the next day thinking about your date or looking at your date in the morning and saying to yourself "What the hell was I thinking?".
Who knows?

As for myself, I'd like to say that I'm going to read a few Edgar Allen Poe scary stories around a campfire to the kids but I doubt I will. Or that they'll want to hear them. I have no idea what I'll do Halloween night or what it means to me this year. I guess it is just another day before the Holiday Season, that's what.

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