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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm now motivated

I'm now motivated to reach out into the world and 'show' what I think. Why not? Maybe we can all be motivated once we find someone else out there who thinks like us or who shares our emotions, thoughts, feelings, fears...isn't that what we as humans crave? A feeling of oneness yet also separateness?

Have you ever been motivated by fear? Like when you get in your car in the morning even though you don't want to go to that boring business meeting but you know if you don't show up you'll catch flake from the boss.

Or what about that gnawing feeling you get because you haven't yet reconciled that statement or make that call to the vendor/doctor/prospect. Why don't we just do it? We need the answer and we know we'll never get it until we do it.

Then why are we held back from taking action?

This blog will explore the ways in which I myself get myself motivated to do a task at hand or a task that has been put off. Like, for example, creating this blog.

Hope it inspired YOU to GET MOTIVATED TOO!

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