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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Book Fun Friday Welcomes Ryan Jo Summers

 Happy Fourth of July

Book Fun Friday is happy to present Ryan Jo Summer's with her unique Christian Time Travel novel.

Ryan Jo’s Bio: I came from a family of wordsmiths. My dad’s a songwriter and his aunt wrote poetry. I always wanted to be a veterinarian and an author. After years of being a vet technician, I now live in a 1920 mountain cottage, write fiction and non-fiction and dream of traveling back in time.


Log Line:A time traveling outlaw and a Christian anthropologist, pursued by obsessed hunters, their
lives—and love—on the line.

Book Tag Line: A hero-turned-outlaw is hanged in 1869. Instead of his story ending, it’s just beginning. Anthropologist McKenzie finds him in 2014. Learning what her employers are planning, she steals their living treasure. Hunted by powerful people who don’t intend to lose, they battle to stay alive. And find love. Kenzie’s faith words on Logan’s outlaw heart but can they stay alive long enough for their new love to grow?

Book Blurb:
Civil War hero turned renegade, Logan Riley, is hanged by the law in 1869. His story should have ended there. Except Anthropologist Dr. McKenzie Lynne is hired by a team of physicists, protected by the military, to find a valuable missing link to their time travel theories. She finds Logan, in the back on a cave, buried in glittering gold dust, and very much alive. Taking him to the base camp, she learns what they really want him for. Horrified, she reacts, bolting and taking their living treasure.

Pursued by the military and the obsessed physicists who will stop at nothing to get their quantum link back, Kenzie and Logan must fight to stay alive and stay hidden. Covering distances in the deserts and mountains of New Mexico and Arizona, each moment is a challenge to stay alive and one step ahead of the hunters. Staying free means a lifetime on the run, but getting captured means terrible consequences for them both.

Meanwhile. Kenzie's strong Christian faith works on Logan's bad-boy heart, convicting him of his lawless past. With Kenzie's help, he tries to allow the grace of God into his life while fighting to preserve both of theirs. Undeniable affections bloom between them as tense moments turn into longer periods of growing love. Can their newly formed love survive the coming showdown between the armed military closing in, determined physicists, Kenzie's Christian morals and Logan's nineteenth century cowboy code of outlaw justice? 

Book Excerpt:

“What is it?” he asked, springing alert.
            “Dillon Coates,” she whispered, looking around desperately. “He's in that car with Doctor Jones. We have to hide!”
            An auto sales lot caught her eye. Lined with row upon row of shiny cars, vans and trucks, she jerked the wheel. Casting one more look over her shoulder, she pulled to the row of SUV trucks and spotted a gray one very similar to Aiden's on the end.
            “Oh, thank You!” Parking next to it, she cut the engine, yanking off her seat belt. “Get down, we might blend in enough and they’ll go on.” Reaching for his shirt collar, she pulled him down with her along the long seat.
             “Now what?” he whispered, his breath hot on her.
            “We wait. And hope they don't come back this way.” She hated that she was panting breathlessly. She would blame it on the shock of seeing Coates and Jones out searching for them. They were really being hunted by the military.
            Her eyes locked on Logan's blue ones, reading the questions in them. What if they were found? What if someone from the sales lot walked past and looked in?
            Her pulse pounded, she felt her neck throbbing. They waited.
            Her heart raced, cold fear overriding her thoughts. They waited.
            Their heavy breathing filled the interior. She hoped they did not fog the windows. They waited.
No outside sounds broke through. Minutes slowly ticked away in the silence. They waited.
            Her eyes never left his. She knew hers had to be wide as saucers, she could feel it. They waited.  
She could feel her lips parting for air as her heart raced with uncertainty. 
            How long had they been waiting? Her bag was digging painfully into her ribs. He had her pinned tight against the seat back. Cold sweat trickled down her neck, down her back. Still they waited.
            It took everything she had not to shiver. Was it just the fear of being caught? Of knowing they were being hunted? Or was it something in his eyes?
            Finally she eased out a shaky breath . “Okay, I think we're in the clear,” she said, trying to ease out from Logan, giving him a shove with her palm.
            His kiss took her totally by surprise. Quick, fast, like a bolt of lightning, he touched her lips, leaving a sizzle in his wake.
            Smiling, he touched her cheek with the back of one finger. “Nice,” he murmured, his eyes lowered. Dipping, he touched her lips a second time, lingering longer, almost daring.
            The tension of the last moments changed, electricity filled the interior of the vehicle making her heart speed up again, making her forget their close call. Almost.
            Cold sweat dripped down her back, a contrast to the heat uncoiling within her, chilling her back to the present.
            Pulling away, she straightened in the seat. Feeling heat flushing her face, she pushed her hair behind her. “No,” she said, shaking her head. “This is bad timing.” Never mind she liked his kiss way too much. He was a great kisser, she thought, totally distracted
            “Not a bad idea then, just bad timing?”
            “Bad everything right now,” she stated practically, fighting for composure. Starting the SUV, she looked around and scooted into traffic.
            His grin split his face. “I don't believe you, Bible thumper.”

Question for YOU Dear Reader (put your answer in the comments below):

I have a few questions, but they are all rooted from the same one:
What if time travel were possible? What if we could just buy a ticket and go to any time period of our choice? Would you be willing – and brave enough—to go? Would it be forward or backward? To where and why?

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  1. You know Ryan Jo that's a good question, especially when you put the part about being brave. Because that single word requires more thought. Sure we can imagine time travel, but if we really could do it would we? As for me, I'm on board Star Trek, regardless of the risks, then on the other hand I'd like to travel in a stage coach across Victorian England as well. But if we really truly could do that, would I? Maybe not.

    1. Good point, Celia. That also raises the larger question--what if it was a one way trip? We could go but not come back? Or if we didn't know. What a thought--give up all we have here for what we might have there.... Thank you for hosting me.

  2. Ryan Jo, that's an easy question for me to answer - I would go back to the early 1400s in Belgium. For some reason, I've always been drawn to that time period - the art, the culture, the music. Yes, I'll admit it. I'm a Rennie. That's what they call those of us obsessed with the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods. :-)
    Your book sounds fascinating and is now on my TBR list. Thanks for you post, and thanks to Celia for hosting you!

  3. Excellent post, Ryan Jo! As for time travel, I'd like to go back to the 1960s and 1970s.

  4. answer to RyanJo's quite astute point I actually never thought of the possibility of a one-way trip and NO I wouldn't take the chance. Actually, it would depend on what was going on with my life here. If I felt I've done everything I could and there was nothing left for me to do then perhaps I would take the chance on a one-way trip FORWARD-- Star Trek baby!