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Friday, July 31, 2015

Book Fun Friday Welcomes Nancy Sator

A Note From Nancy:
Hello all and thanks to Celia for hosting me here today. BONES ALONG THE HILL began when Neva Oakley whispered in my ear, “Hi. My name is Neva and I fix the faces of the dead.” Neva and I wrote the story together over the next few years, weaving in Gray Ledbetter’s inexplicable suicide and bringing hunky architect Davis Pratt to work with us. It’s available in both electronic and paperback formats in all the usual places. My second novel, a paranormal romance titled BLESSED CURSE is in second draft. I hope to have it out in the fall of this year. Have a great summer!

Bio: Nancy Sartor is a Nashville born writer, a charter member and current president of Word Spinners Ink, a member of RWA, MWA and SiNC. She is an enthusiastic graduate of Donald Maass's Breakout Novel Intensive Workshop, Don Maass's workshop on micro tension and the Writer's Police Academy.

Log Line: Decade-old mystery; power-mad enemy threaten funeral facial restorationist Neva Oakley.

Book Tag Line: Neva Oakley’s legendary skill at making the dead look alive cannot bring back her first love. Davis Pratt searches for his long lost brother. The search leads them to a human trafficking ring. Impossible crimes threaten both family and friends. Can they free each other to embrace their future?

Book Blurb : Neva Oakley is a funeral facial reconstructionist whose legendary skill at making the dead look alive has earned her the title of best in the nation. But her talent cannot bring back Gray Ledbetter her first love, who inexplicably took his own life ten years ago.
Neva’s new love interest, Davis Pratt has his own tragic mystery. He searches for his younger brother, Stephen, who disappeared long ago. Chances are Stephen’s dead, but Davis won’t give up the search. When their separate searches lead them to the Oakley cemetery and a murder tied to a human trafficking ring, impossible crimes threaten both family and friends, crimes that cannot be ignored. Not even the Nashville PD can keep Neva safe. Can they solve their mysteries together as they could not separately and free one another to embrace their future?

Book Excerpt:

Neva flattened herself against the wall.
Uncle Rex was outside. There was nothing to worry about. Then she remembered that Davis had soundproofed his walls during the renovation, saying the houses here were so close his neighbor could hear a half-hearted fart.
She’d thought it funny at the time.
A rush of adrenaline sent her heart galloping.
You are such a coward. There’s nobody in here.
Unless it was Davis. Davis, who was not in England, who came home to find someone in his house and noises from his sanctuary. In which case the gun was in his hand.
She should call out.
If it wasn’t Davis, she’d lose any chance at surprise.
She turned the scissors so the sharp end was poised to stab

Question for you Dear Reader: When you think of crimes against women, do you usually think of human trafficking?

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  1. I actually don't think of it, but it's an issue that unfortunately can't be ignored as heinous as the crime is.