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Saturday, June 8, 2013

101 Years My Matriarch My Grandmother

We had many a happy day together my Grandmother and me. This posting is dedicated to her memory. I'm so glad for the times I've been privileged to share with her. She seemed so resilient, so alive, together and simply ...full of life. To think that Grandma would come to her end was unfathomable, yet it was inevitable and part of the natural process of life.

I have something very personal that I wanted to share. On the day of my wedding, the Big Wedding, for the marriage that unfortunately didn't last, I have the pictures of my family relatives to cherish. My loved onces were dressed exquisitely. And, to be able to witness my Grandma being buried in the dress she wore on that day as well as to have seen my mother laid to rest (close to three years ago) in the dress she wore on that day is, in it's strange way, such a great honor.  

I plan to share the following piece at her funeral. An event that has long been talking about, even anticipated in our very big Italian family. Literally over five hundred cousins were spawned from Grandma's original family of eleven siblings. And countless more family that are part of our clan, many of whom I do not know.

Anyway, here's to Grandmom Lucente --I will love you forever and revere every moment we've spent together on this earth:

Grandmom was one of the sharpest most mentally alert people I've ever known. She knew everyone's birthday, the names of their children, their anniversary dates, the major events and what people did to keep themselves busy during the day. And believe me that couldn't have been easy with over 500 cousins alone in our family.

Her greetings accompanied status checks on your latest project, you partner's whereabouts or whatever thought she'd have in mind for you ...before you had a chance to kiss her hello.

Over the course of the last several months, I've had the privilege of spending a lot of one-on-one time with Grandmom. From watching her progress in rehab recovering from hip surgery, to reading her stories, to showing her Facebook pictures of her grandchildren, cousins, grand nieces and nephews ...whoever I could find that she would know and many inspirational pictures and quotations.

We will all miss Grandmom. However, we can all be happy in knowing that she spent a long, healthy, vibrant time with us. Now close to twenty-five years of waiting and reminiscing she is rejoined in eternal love with her beloved and our dear patriarch Grandpop Lucente. May Grandmom and Grandpop Lucente rejoice in their love in our Lord's Kingdom and forever look over us. In Grandmom's words...if God spares. And He has Grandmom --- forever more and a day. 

I'll patiently await the time when we shall meet again. Love you Gram - without end. 

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  1. Celia,
    This is a lovely tribute, and we extend our sympathy to you and your family.