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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Book Fun Friday Welcomes Ryan Jo Summers

Book Fun Friday Welcomes Ryan Jo Summers!

Bio: I came from a family of wordsmiths. My dad’s a songwriter and his aunt wrote poetry. I always wanted to be a veterinarian and an author. After years of working in the animal care world, I now live in a 1920 mountain cottage with a houseful of rescued animals and write fiction and non-fiction. My next books slated to be out
are November 2015 shape shifting mystery. Part suspense, part ghost story, part treasure hunt, all romance. Also I am included in Soul Mate Publishing’s 2015 Christmas Anthology. For early 2016 a sweet novella romance is being released in e-book.

Book Title:  WHEN CLOUDS GATHER (Romantic suspense)

Log Line:  One woman, a murder in her home. One man, hired to indict her.

Book Tag Line: Darby’s world is falling apart after a murder in her home. She needs a friend. Sam is hired to send her to prison. Instead they fall in love. Once strange things happen, Sam has to rethink his position with Darby. And tell her the truth, driving them apart. When a sinister threat rises, Darby has to decide if she can trust Sam one more time.

Book Blurb:

          Darby Adams has a full life between her teen-age son and running a Bed & Breakfast. One morning she discovers the body of a murdered guest upstairs and suddenly her home and business is turned into a crime scene. Now she is the sheriff’s number one suspect. With her life spinning out of control, she desperately needs a friend.
          The surviving family wants to make sure Darby fully pays for her crime. So they hire new-in-town Private Investigator Sam Golden to get all the goods on her. He begins his case in the guise of being Darby’s new friend. Between dodging disasters and riding out calamities, Darby begins to see a future with Sam and herself. And Sam has to rethink his opinions of her guilt or innocence. Then the fateful day comes that he must confesses his dual role to her, tearing her heart out and destroying any chance at their developing romance.
          When a larger, more serious danger threatens to destroy them all, Darby knows she has to trust his police instincts once more. However, she isn’t so sure she can trust him with her heart again.


Book Excerpt:

Darby fought off the rising panic and flood of tears, forcing herself to take stock of what seemed to be a hopeless situation. Two flat tires and a cart of melting groceries. Okay there had to be a solution in here somewhere.
The roar of a powerful engine slowing down drew her attention. A big green and tan truck carefully pulled up next to her, the driver immediately noticing her situation. Though he wore dark aviator sunglasses, she could see how he quickly studied her dismantled car and swung to the loaded grocery cart, his expression blank.
Suspicion made her stand tall, sucking back the tears. Arms hanging at her sides, fists balled tight, she watched as he jumped down from the truck.  He pushed the truck door shut and leaned against it, hooking his thumbs in the belt loops of his jean.
“Morning, ma’am. It looks like you're in a bit of a jamb.”
His smile was almost lethal, stealing her tangled thoughts away for one split moment before she forced up the resistance to it.
“Yes, it appears I am.”
He pushed away from the vehicle in a single fluid motion, going seamlessly to kneeling down and surveying her car tires. Her head spun a little at his smooth shift in position.
“Do you have a spare? Tire that is,” he asked, glancing up at her.
Darby bit back a gasp as he slowly pulled his dark sunglasses off, revealing the most startling eyes. They almost took her breath away. Sinful, deep, dark brown like his hair. Like twin pools of sweet chocolate. Like hot fudge.
“Only one,” she admitted.
“Well, that would be one too short, wouldn't it?”
          Never mind he was right, she found herself lost in the husky strands of his voice. Like soft mournful jazzy blues, long and low that sent shivers crawling along the spine.
Pushing aside the provocative imagery and slithering chills his voice caused, she drew herself up straight and tight, shoulders set.
“Yes, I suppose so,” she agreed stoutly.
* * *
Sam could tell she did not trust him. Suspicion could not be clearer on her face if she wrote it in permanent marker.  He looked around for the band of hoodlums. Ironically, they had vanished. They usually did. Okay, in for a penny, in for a pound, he decided. Wasn't that how that saying went? He thought about slipping his shades back on, but decided she might prefer it if he kept his eyes where she could see them. It offered a bit more trust.
“Well, ma'am, it also appears your groceries are spoiling out here in this sunshine. Would you like for me to give you a lift somewhere? Maybe then we can figure out what to do about this?” He waved a hand toward the car.
She narrowed her eyes, crossing her arms. “You mean you're not scared to be alone with me?” she demanded. “The town murderer?”
He lazily tilted an eyebrow at her angry outburst, deciding he liked the green lights flashing in her eyes the best. Returning to lean against the truck, he crossed one leg in front of the other and folded his arms over his chest, quietly regarding her.
“Are you?” he asked finally. “A murderer, I mean.”
“Then I guess I'm not scared.”

Question for YOU Dear Reader:

If you could win a trip to stay in a Bed and Breakfast inn, where would you want to go? Quiet seaside village, little rural town, tourist locale or big and bustling city? In America or abroad? Would you stay in a gigantic Victorian Bed & Breakfast on the edge of an oceanside cliff if you knew a gristly murder happened there? Even if it were a free stay?

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Giveaway for one lucky comentor:   One pdf copy. Paperback still isn’t available yet.


  1. Well I'd stay at a B&B maybe in Savannah, GA or St. Augustine, FL where a murder was alleged to have been committed. Or even definatly committed. But I'd have my gun with me!

  2. Celia, thank you for hosting me. Savannah would be lovely. Old St Augustine maybe. Charleston SC is on my bucket list, at Christmas time. But my heart belongs to the rocky coasts. Maybe Ireland?

  3. Ryan, Excellent post and excerpt! I'd love to stay at a B & B in a large, bustling city along the Atlantic/Pacific coasts of the United States. Joanne :)

  4. Thank you for visiting, Joanne. Is it the always awake and busy atmosphere of the large, bustling city that draws you? Always something open and to go to?

  5. Ryan--Loved the post and your book--can't wait for your next one.
    I'd love to stay at a B&B on the shores of a private island in the Aegean Sea. Murder or not, I'll take a free stay:)

  6. For me Ryan, I would choose La Bastide de Marie in Provence. A romantic inn set in a vineyard. Private, intimate, romantic, with gourmet Provencal food, bedroom suites, and wine so good that it will make you weep. A perfect retreat. (I feel like a writer for a travel magazine). C'est la vie.

  7. Anne and Road Warrior, glad for the visit. Interesting you both mentioned 'private' early in your dream holiday. I dig the solo sojourns too. Me and the dog and maybe the parrot. And some books and writing materials. Low or no tech. Coffee. Chocolate. Resident ghost is neutral, though not preferred. Next book is slated for November and it does have a resident ghost and is very private, until unwanted guests show up.

  8. Word Warrior, you are the lucky commenter! Please send your email to info@ryanjosummers with WCG in the subject line and I will send you a .pdf of 'When Clouds Gather'. Thank you and congratulations.