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Friday, May 8, 2015

Book Fun Friday Welcomes Meda White

  Bio: Meda White writes sweet, sultry, and southern contemporary romance. Born with Georgia clay running through her veins, she continues to enjoy the Southern lifestyle with her husband and furbabies. When not writing, you might find her making music, shooting zombie targets, teaching yoga, or explaining the meaning of her name.

Book Feature: Ride With My Heart (Contemporary Romance with Southern Gothic elements)

Log Line:  Former rodeo partners reconnect to explore hidden desires, but old wounds cut deep.

Book Blurb:
Maddie Baker is back at Southland, trying to put her life back together after her divorce. When she reconnects with her former rodeo partner, she struggles to keep the feelings she’s always had for him hidden. After all, it’s too soon, and she’d had a good reason for keeping her distance all those years ago.

Georgia State Trooper Heath Cook has been avoiding Maddie since she moved home, knowing the crush he’s always harbored won’t stay hidden for long. If his wasn’t the only heart he cared about protecting, it might be different. But his daughter doesn’t need to get attached to someone on the rebound.

Maddie and Heath’s renewed friendship leads to a deeper attraction than either of them imagined possible. But with Maddie’s jealous ex making a play to win her back, Heath has to decide if he’s willing to put his future on the line. And when Maddie’s past comes back to haunt her, it might be beyond Heath’s power to help. Together, they’ll have to see if they can hold on for the roughest ride of their lives.

Book Excerpt:

Heath pulled back to look at her. “Reunion?”
“I know you dated her in college.” Maddie watched his reaction in the glow of the moon.
“How?” He squeezed her upper arms.
“Because I called you and she answered the phone. She was happy to inform me I’d been replaced.” A knot formed in Maddie’s throat, and she looked down.
“When? When did you call me?” His grip tightened.
“When I needed a friend—” Her voice broke, and she turned her head away, hoping he wouldn’t catch the tear rolling down her cheek.
He caught it in the pale light and wiped it away. “She lied. You’re irreplaceable, Maddie Baker. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you. If I’d known—”
“It was for the best really.” She forced herself to meet his gaze. “I needed to learn to survive without you.”
“But it was hard just surviving each day.” He swallowed audibly. “Wasn’t it?” Heath’s hands moved to her back, and he pulled her closer to his warm chest.
Maddie nodded because she couldn’t speak. She wanted to put the past behind her, but if she didn’t talk to Heath about it, it would come between them more than it already had.

Question for you Dear Reader: Have you ever been to a rodeo? Ridden a horse? Dated a cowboy?

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  1. Thanks for having me on today. It's a beautiful day for a ride. :D

  2. In answer to your question....all of the above! I've ridden horses from when I was a child growing up in rural New Jersey. We rented a horse that was our very own at Slim's Ranch. Later in life I dated a real cowboy who was also a fireman, we visited many rodeo shows and I'll tell, I was nervous for the rider every time!

  3. I have been to local rodeos and I rode a horse in Petra, Jordan. But, I don't think I've ever dated a cowboy. I would LOVE to win Meda's book! She is wonderful, and I'm sure the book is, too.

  4. Great Post. To answer the questions-- yes. I've been to rodeos and stock car races. I've ridden horses since I was seven, finally buying four of my own in my 20's and 30's. Favorite was retired Standardbred sulky racer---natural pacer--named Sundancer. Broke my heart when I finally lost him. He turned into a bucking bronc one day when a black fly flew deep into his ear. Ride of my life! But I stayed on. :) Never dated an honest to goodness cowboy but sure wanted to date a few bad boys. And it's always a beautiful day for a ride. Though these days my bones prefer a pleasant drive in a carriage or cutter instead of hitting the trails. Congrats on your book.

  5. Thank you for posting and sharing with me. I tried to post yesterday, but blogger ate my comment. :D Horses are beautiful animals and rodeo riders are brave.
    ~Celia, you had double macho with the cowboy/fireman combo. I love the name Slim's Ranch.
    ~Written Smitten, a visit to Petra, Jordan sounds so cool...and riding a horse while there, even better. Thank you for your kind words.
    ~RyanJo, love your story about Sundancer turning into a bucking bronc and glad you hung on. My cousin's horse took off with me when a snake spooked him. Thankfully, he didn't buck. But I thought I was a goner. He would've left me in the dust. My cousin still makes a snake noise when she sees me. Thank you.