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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Florida Cracker Seafood Festival-Way Down the Suwannee River

Picture and preview excerpt borrowed from the official website:

Soon I will be going to my home away from home....The Suwannee River in Chiefland, Florida just in time for the Florida Cracker Seafood Festival August 30th at Horseshoe Beach.

It's on the west coast all the way up yonder and man is it beautiful. Do you know what a Florida cracker is? Well, here's a little hint paraphrased from the official website:

Crackers lived in a time before grocery and convenience stores and people traded goods to survive instead of buying what they needed. Farmers and Cowboys alike would travel several days by horse and wagon to barter vegetables and beef to Fisherman for fish oils, salt and smoked fish. In  today's vernacular the term "Cracker" is used by Floridians whose families have lived in the state for many generations.  Being associated with a culture who not only lived but thrived in a time before air conditioning and refrigeration gives a great sense of pride to these "Modern Day Crackers".

Stay tuned as I reveal my experience with the Florida Crackers and the Red Neck County of the World coming early September!

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