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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day is For the Men Too

So often, we, as women, think of Valentine's Day as our holiday. It’s a time when the guy we're dating, or our fiancé or husband, had better not forget. He, for sure, should be counted on for a dozen roses, a box of candy and dinner out. Right?

Oh, the pressures we put on our men.

As the historical tale tells, St. Valentinus (and there is evidence that there was more than one), wrote the first Valentine card, from prison, in blood, to his lover, the daughter of his jail keeper. St. Valentinus is said to have cured the girl, miraculously, from an incurable disease and thus was canonized.

How these fabled events turned into a widely celebrated commercial holiday, one can only speculate. However, it, nevertheless, did.

Therefore, for generations women received gifts and cards on Valentine’s Day.

But what about the men? Should they not too be the recipients of such shows of love?

I have to say that, for many years in the past, I can't remember doing much reciprocation. I accepted, with gratitude, the flowers, the dinner dates, the gifts and smiled smugly to my inner self thinking, yep, we should keep him around.

But, women's roles in relationships have changed. We are more equal the men we date, on socioeconomic and emotional fronts. It’s more as if we are courting each other. Or, at least, some men will tell us that.

Regardless, what does it hurt to show a little love in return? You don't have to spend a fortune. You could set a picnic table with wine and cheese and buy a bottle of cologne. 

He may not acknowledge all the little details but you can always point them out. And, he will appreciate the gesture.

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