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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ode to Don ... Embrace Life

Don is on the left, he's my fiancé’s (Randy on the right) best friend in the whole wide world. Don passed, unexpectedly, after an outpatient procedure, on his way home. Don was the kind of guy that was so "there", so real. He loved his family, Randy's family and me, to no end. A caregiver for his elderly mother and recently married to a woman he thought of, endlessly. Only God understands why his senseless death occurred.

But one thing that's been a grave lesson in all of this, for me, is that you have to embrace the moment and cherish the people who are in your life. Also, if there's someone you've been meaning to see, meaning to do something with... do it. Don't postpone.

That's not to say you will experience the thoughts like you wanted more time, more chances to be with that person you've lost, because, invariably you will. But, maybe, you can hold that person who is dear to you and tell them, a little more, now, how much you love, appreciate, and value them.

Life is precious. We remind ourselves of this whenever we lose someone dear to us. However, if we can wake up every day and thank our higher power, mean it, we have done the best we can to cherish the moment. Namaste.

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  1. Thanks for this reminder, Celia. Life is short isn't it. It is so easy to be unmindful of all the beautiful people that grace our lives. I shall take your words to heart.